Car Loans in St. Joseph, MO

Allow us to help you finance, lease, or purchase your next car!

Looking to apply for credit or finance your next automotive purchase or lease? You’ve found the right place. Anderson Kia offers Credit Financing for a variety of credit levels. So whether you’re just starting your line of credit, or have an established line, we have leasing and credit options for almost everyone. Our professional and knowledgeable staff is eager to help get you approved for your next car.


By choosing to finance your next car at Anderson Kia, you assume the responsibility of regular monthly payments that cover the cost of your new vehicle. Once approved, our team of professionals will map out a payment plan and financing options based on your credit, down payment, and taxes on the vehicle. We take care of all the hassle so you don’t have to. And after your payments are finished, the car is all yours!


If you don’t want to pay the price on the tag, you don’t have to! Leasing your next car with Anderson Kia entails monthly payments of a specified amount, for a certain period of time. Once the lease is over, you simply either give the car back, or choose to purchase the car and assume payments.

Used Car Financing

Anderson Kia sells a variety of pre-owned and used vehicles as well. If you’d rather go for the used car option, you can still take advantage of our finance options.

Finance Application and Approval

At Anderson Kia, we work with a wide range of lenders to help you get the best loan options possible. Our team will work with you side by side to make sure you get the best car loan, or lease, at the right price for you. Contact us to get started today!